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Acupuncture Yoga Workshop


Join the Essential Yoga classes specifically crafted for busy people.

Acupuncture Yoga Workshop

Acupuncture Yoga Workshop

Are you feeling frazzled, stressed or exhausted? Want a healing experience to reboot from your busy schedule?

Experience how the combination of restorative yoga poses and acupuncture can:

– Ease insomnia
– Facilitate the relaxation response, which has been proven to lower blood pressure, slow breathing, relax muscles, and – Increase immunity
– Calm the nervous system
– Restore tired adrenals
– Replenish energy

Join Pamela Greaves (BODY yoga instructor) and Sarah Spearman (BODY acupuncturist) for an afternoon of deep relaxation.

Restorative yoga postures will be complemented by acupuncture to soothe your nervous system and give your immune system a boost.
The needles and yoga poses will work together in synergism, each enhancing the other’s effect, allowing you to go deeper into your experience. All levels welcome.

This workshop is limited to 16 participants, so reserve your spot now!

Cost for this two hour workshop is $45.

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