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Come experience the new Akasha Studio at BODY!

Have you heard the news? Akasha Studio at BODY opened April 1, 2018! We are thrilled to welcome Anthe Kelley of Akasha Studio to BODY.  As an ordained minister, Rev. Anthe Kelley resonates with being a “Devotee of the Mother.” She acknowledges herself as a perennial student. “I subscribe to the view that all life and truth can be found within ourselves, and our ‘higher power’ dwells here, within.”

Anthe will be adding some wonderful new offerings to our robust schedule.  Please join us soon for more classes and check the evolving schedule here: http://www.bodyofsantafe.com/studio-schedule/.

Akasha is founded on authenticity, inspiration, intelligence, sensitivity and sacredness.
Anthe views her role as Lead Teacher of the Akasha as one where she serves openly as a steward for others’ processes. Akasha provide students with a solid base for meaningful yoga classes inspiring students to feel confidence, purpose, and supported in the continuing exploration of self-study.

With Anthe’s background in Reiki, healing and ministry work, she embraces students in a spirit of openness, acceptance, genuineness and support. She views her role and service as one of collaboration on each student’s individual path of healing, transition and transformation. Together we will surrender to life’s unfolding and blossoming and find the truth that

Learn more about the new Akasha Studio at BODY: 505-986-0362. http://www.bodyofsantafe.com/studio-schedule/.

Body of Santa Fe was chosen Best Yoga Studio in Santa Fe by Travel & Leisure Magazine in 2014. Awarded 2014 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor.

Explore the principles of healthy alignment that apply to every pose, every kind of yoga practice, and your daily life.
In order for us to provide you with clean, high quality yoga mats, there will be $2 mat rental fee per class.


Yoga 4 Life

This is an all level class that offers personal, attentive guidance, with an emphasis on alignment, full breath, and doing the poses deeply and non-aggressively. You will learn techniques from various yoga sources, and be supported in developing a system that really works for you.

Route 66 Yoga

Sunday High Noon

This vinyasa class is an honoring to the solar energy that creates and sustains all life. Moving with breath and body in harmony, this dynamic practice invites an internal space of meditation and clarity. Class incorporates meditation, pranayama (breath practice), chanting, as well as physical asana. All levels are welcome, though some basic yoga experience is recommended.

yoga specials santa fe

Vinyasa (with music)

BODY’s signature Vinyasa class for students with a developing or ongoing yoga practice. Explore the poses of Vinyasa yoga in an energizing sequence set to an uplifting soundtrack of Indian music, soul, rock and electronica.

yoga pose Karuna

All Levels Yoga

This all-levels class is intended to create a space of practice for every body of any age and any level of experience. We will dive deep into alignment and look at the most supportive and sustainable ways to move in bodies. This dynamic practice invites an internal space of meditation and clarity of consciousness.

yoga asana child's pose


Come relax! After twenty minutes of gentle, joint-warming movement, you’ll rest in various comfortable positions with the support of blankets and bolsters and be guided into a deep relaxation. All levels welcome.

dharma flow

Yoga Basics

Discover yoga in a safe and supportive setting. An ideal class for beginners, students returning to yoga after time away from the mat and students with injury or physical imitations. Lay the foundation for a life-long practice!

yin yoga

Yin Yoga

Focuses on connection to the flow of Prana, cosmic life force in the body. Poses are held with as little activation
as possible for 3-5 minutes, with the aim of increasing circulation to the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissue.

Hatha yoga,Santa Fe


A practice based in traditional Hatha Yoga postures and philosophy, offered in a style to continually break down limitations of body, mind & spirit. Cultivate clarity, sense of Self and fluid consciousness through meditation, breathing practices and movement. All levels welcome.

Core and Strength

Clear and individualized guidance with free weights to increase bone density and to increase maximum benefit from Pilates-style mat work to develop deep core strength.

Vinyasa with Healing Sounds

A vibrant, energizing sequence of poses set to music. Healing Sounds can include chanting, gongs, tibetan bells and/or soothing, meditative melodies.

Fragrance-Free Studio
To create a pleasant studio experience for all, please avoid wearing chemical perfumes and clothing washed with chemically- or unnaturally-scented products during your class. Such products may cause health effects when present in a closed-circulation room in which exercise is taking place.