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DNA is our newest line. DNA is 100% natural, organic, chemical, and preservative free skin care system. All fragrances are natural, no art
ificial fragrances are ever added. All the ingredients have a beneficial biological effect on the human system without the use or need for petrochemicals, synthetic colors, fragrances, preservatives, binders, thickeners, and other artificial ingredients. All products are created to ensure the safety and welfare of our product consumers.

Cryo – stem cells from DNA

The Source of New Cells
organic-facial-productsorganic facial productsNew, energetically vital cells are extracted from a controlled source of organic bovine (cows). The bovines roam free-range in a pristine region of the French Alps. They receive organic feed and are hormone, steroid and antibiotic free. The health and well-being of this special bovine herd is a priority for the DNA Health Institute, and we ensure that these bovine live in a safe and nurturing environment. Embryonic fluid, rich in nutrients and stem cells, is extracted during a carefully calculated specific timeline (within the first trimester of the bovine’s pregnancy) to achieve maximum amounts of stem cells which have not become specific to the bovine genetic composition but contain the DNA information to influence and support human skin. The extraction process is similar to human amniocentesis, a diagnostic procedure in which a small amount of amniotic fluid is withdrawn from the amniotic sac, the membrane that surrounds the fetus in the uterus. This cruelty-free method does not harm the bovines and protects the health and well-being of the mother bovine and her fetus. The extracted fluid is soon replenished by fresh embryonic fluid, rich in the biological nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy. The mother bovine replaces the fluid in less than eight hours after extraction. The DNA Health Institute has always been on the forefront of animal and human rights. The complex extraction process is designed not to harm living embryonic animals or human fetuses. The choice to utilize bovine cells instead of human umbilical or human aborted fetus stem cells is quite intentional. Indeed, we feel very proud that we did not take the more convenient path. We made a conscious decision to proceed in the most human way possible. The extraction takes place in a special laboratory under absolutely sterile conditions. Rigorous veterinary and pharmaceutical controls are performed during this process under strict European governmental supervision. The DNA Health Institute’s high testing and safety standards meet and exceed the regulatory agencies of Europe and the United States. These new embryonic cells are disease free, programmed and not autonomous, which makes them perfect specimens. If skin were as perfect as these new cells, it would be absolutely flawless. Because the skin will be influenced by the applied new cells, it will eventually take on a flawless appearance.